October 28th, 2020
Ocean has rebranded its Nordics based retail tech subsidiary Ocean MediaTech

Ocean Outdoor has rebranded its wholly owned subsidiary ACM Retail Tech to Ocean MediaTech as the company looks to expand its global footprint by providing location based communication services to the retail and real estate sectors.

Ocean Outdoor acquired 100 percent of AdCityMedia (ACM) in early 2020. The new business combines ACM’s expertise with Ocean Outdoor’s media sales experience to provide scalable location based digital communications solutions.

The rebrand forms a high growth tech business line that will drive significant synergies and opportunities for landlords, partners and suppliers right across Ocean’s out-of-home and signage portfolio in Europe and beyond.

Currently operating across the Nordics, Ocean MediaTech aims to expand into other Ocean territories, servicing clients in a range of categories, including food, fashion, finance, automotive, telecom, hospitality and pharma.

Ocean MediaTech is led by CEO Hoss Khosravi, former chief operating officer of Ocean Outdoor Nordics, supported by a team of 14 people based in Sweden.

The subsidiary supports retail customers to manage their own media channels, through digital in store screens with high tech functionality and large format advertising on facades.

This is enabled by through the line expertise in technology, software, hardware and design, delivering a best in class platform for brands seeking to enhance engagement with their customers.

Going forward there will be a focus on the use of the retail led creative experiences which combine digital and analogue to drive footfall, convert sales and grow additional point of sale purchases. There is also an opportunity to expand into real estate, providing office complexes with dynamic information and entertainment digital signage channels.

Ocean CEO Tim Bleakley said: “Ocean MediaTech is part of our ongoing programme to integrate ACM assets with existing operations in the Nordics and beyond. The new division delivers multiple group wide benefits including economies of scale, allowing the business to become more competitive through an expanded portfolio, closer integration with Ocean media sales, combined talent and deeper market coverage.”

Ocean MediaTech CEO Hoss Khosravi said: “The combination of dynamic product set with creativity and a high quality client base, coupled with Ocean’s digital out-of-home and media sales expertise, provides a unique, symbiotic relationship to drive commercial opportunities.

“The rebrand to Ocean MediaTech delivers a confidence to all verticals – the reassurance of quality, service, technology, reputation and experience to direct customers and a stamp of quality for future business partners that we want to work with.”

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