Neuroscience Research
Appropriation & Amplification: A neuroscience view of full motion in Digital Out of Home

Neuroscience research into the true impact of Out of Home Advertising

Building on our previous neuroscience studies, we hypothesised that full motion DOOH would play a similar role to television in helping to build brand equity and create strong emotional associations for advertising brands and that, as part of a linked campaign, it could prime the brain to respond more strongly to brand communication in an online environment.


Full Motion Outperforms Static

Full motion DOOH is 2.5 times more impactful than equivalent static sites

Full motion not only delivers a powerful emotional experience, but also delivers the multiple brand impacts that are a key contributor to brand effectiveness

Full Motion DOOH Builds Brands

Full motion DOOH is comparable to television in its brand-building impact

Full motion sites can extend the reach of a television campaign whilst eliciting equally strong and positive responses

Online Video Translates to DOOH

Short form online video content performs better on DOOH than it does in an online context

DOOH can add a brand-building dimension to content which, online, tends to play more of an activation role

DOOH Amplifies Online Impact

Full motion DOOH primes this content to perform better when seen online

Online short-form video campaigns will perform better if full motion DOOH is included as part of the media plan

The study demonstrated that full motion DOOH delivers brain response that is comparable to that of television advertising and works in a similar way, delivering multiple brand impacts and a strong emotional response; the components that have been shown to contribute to real-world sales impact.

It can also work as an effective delivery mechanism for short-form online content and, as part of a linked campaign, can prime the brain to respond more strongly to that same content when viewed online.

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