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Special Builds

Bring your brand to life and heighten your impact with a special build that extends from the traditional backlight.

Stop people in their tracks with a 2D or 3D structure, designed to drive content on social so that you can increase your brand impact. Add multi-sensory elements to your special build such as audio, mist jets, scent or event snow cannons to capture your audience’s attention and ultimately further drive memory encoding.

Special Builds Case Studies

  • Quorn

    A giant 3D dinosaur was seen on Westfield London's Pump Station southbound for 2 weeks. This special build was over 8 feet long and even had a mechanical jaw to open and close, scaring passers-by. We also had a sampling activation on the Northbound side where we gave out new Quorn burgers.

  • Oreo

    A large 3D Oreo and Batarang took over 5 of our sites in early 2022 to promote a sponsorship between Oreo and WB for the upcoming Batman film. This build included a 3D Batarang that stuck out of the special build at an angle bringing even more depth to the site.

  • Volkswagen

    This was a fully sustainable special build from Ocean, with moss that took CO2 from the air and wind turbines to power the LED headlights on the build. This project had incredibly low carbon footprint from start to finish, with the moss being returned to the ground afterwards and the special build elements being fully recycled.

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