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On-Screen AR

There are multiple ways in which the On-Screen Augmented Reality (AR) technology can be used:

  1. Augmented Reality
    Using the HD cameras built into the screens to create an Augmented Reality mirror (showing the audience a reflection of themselves) or window (allowing them to “look through” the screen), creating deep consumer engagement via the latest technology.
  2. Visualise and Respond
    Using the cameras to measure the audience’s attention time as a way of interacting with our screens. The number of people watching the screen, and how long they watch for, can be used for DOOH campaigns in a number of creative contexts.


On-Screen AR Case Studies

  • AR: Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism

    Using the famous Piccadilly Lights in the heart of London, the campaign transformed the screen into an interactive augmented-reality (AR) experience, showcasing some of Abu Dhabi’s most iconic landmarks.

  • AR: The Kraken

    The eight-day campaign launched across The Loop city centre screens in Manchester’s northern quarter.

    All six screen units were wrapped with the brand’s distinctive creative, with associated floor vinyls inviting the public to release the Kraken. When people stand on the vinyl, the screen becomes a mirror stream.

  • Visualise: Rays of Sunshine

    The campaign brings the hopes, dreams, and wishes of seriously ill children to life. As participants gaze at illustrations, it triggers an interactive experience, turning a collection of children’s drawings into real life renders.

  • Visualise: Heinz Beanz and Magic Breakfast

    This campaign brought to life the daily challenges faced by children who go to school hungry. As passers-by approached the screens they were able to clearly read the sentence ‘It’s harder for children to focus when they’re hungry’. The longer they stared, the sentence became more difficult to read. The screen then asks people to donate £5 by text to the charity Magic Breakfast.

  • Visualise: Women's Aid: Look At Me

    The world’s first visually powered DOOH. Using our facial detection technology to recognise when people actively pay attention to an image of a bruised woman. As more people take notice of the image of the women, her bruises slowly heal, demonstrating to passers-by that by actually taking notice they can help confront the signs of domestic violence by not turning a blind eye.

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