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Mobile Interactivity

No one can deny the power of mobile, but the impact of both mobile and digital out of home is even more impactful, as seen in our Neuroscience research.

The fibre Wi-Fi hot spots not only provide brands with a portal to host long form content linked to the screen, but also can be a rich data source from opted in users. The multi-functioning Wi-Fi platform can also be used to enable interactivity by acting as a portal to host web based apps, ensuring a simple user journey and therefore maximum engagement.

Mobile interactivity is Ocean’s fast & free public wifi network across most of our full motion locations; available in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham & Glasgow.

Mobile Interactivity:

  • Super fast fibre network with offering100Mbps download speed
  • Has 397,578 (and counting) unique users
  • is 100% free; users sign up with an email address or social media account
  • Provides a platform for sponsorship or interactivity

Mobile Interactivity Case Studies

  • Sky Ocean

    In this campaign participants are invited to use their mobile phones to connect with the screen via its free wifi. Using a combination of 3D technology, video and streamed data will then turn their phones into virtual torches which can be used to detect what is really casting the shadow on the screen. At this point, the torches reveal that the biggest threat to our oceans isn’t sharks or sea-monsters, its single-use plastic.

  • AGCS and Plastic Soup Foundation

    AGCS created on behalf of the Plastic Soup Foundation, an interactive ocean clean-up campaign, which was one of the winners of Ocean’s 2019 Digital Creative Competition in the Ocean for Oceans category.

    It launched at Westfield London, leveraging the technical capabilities of Ocean’s large format, full motion Eat Street screen which has dedicated fibre lines and super-fast wi-fi to deliver seamless play.

  • Compassion in World Farming

    The world’s first real live pig feed was broadcast on a Westfield London's Eat Street screen to raise donations and support for the farm animal welfare charity, Compassion in World Farming.

    The world’s first real live feed asks people to show their support for free range farming and better animal welfare standards by linking them live to the free range pig farm via the screen.

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