Ocean Labs Technology

Live Data Feeds

Using environmental and contextual triggers can help brands deliver relevant messaging to consumers in real time, maximising campaign effectiveness and memory encoding across the whole of Ocean’s digital network.

  • Social Content (incl Twitter Moderation)
    Live updates from your brand’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram associated with your campaign hashtag, We can also offer a professional moderation service.
  • Social Listening
    Take inspiration from topics that are trending on social platforms to help inform your brands content, ensure you are always relevant to the consumers mind set 
  • Geo Location
    Through Ocean’s mobile partner, Mobsta, we can offer a full service to deliver a cross platform solution, designed to drive maximum effectiveness.
  • Weather
    Temperature, Humidity, Precipitation, Wind Speed, Cloud Cover, UV Index
  • Traffic
    Change creative based on the speed of traffic flow.
  • Score:Board
    Up to the minute sports data allowing audiences to stay close to the action
  • Live Film Times
    Up to the minute film times and ticket availability
  • Retail Trends
    Integrating 1st party retail data trends to help drive immediacy of purchase

Live Data Feeds Case Studies

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