As data and technology evolve, planners are increasingly challenged to select the most impactful and efficient media channels that give them access to their specific target audience, but how do they achieve the holy grail of zero wastage and 100% accountability.

Digital out of home Vehicle Recognition Technology (VRT) gives brands the opportunity to serve tailored messages to highly targeted audiences with zero wastage in real-time. This is a luxury that few broadcast media channels can provide.

Besides VRT pioneering out of home programmatic capabilities, Ocean’s exclusive technology has been collecting useful data that can now be used by planners alongside considered insights to strategically plan campaigns and serve content that make customers tick.

How should VRT unique insights shape your marketing plan?

Here is an example how VRT can be used to talk to hard-to-reach audiences such as high net worth individuals. We can even be more specific and narrow it to the city – How to reach high net worth individuals in Manchester?

We answer this question with another question: What cars do this niche group usually drive?

This affluent audience is more likely to drive premium cars such as Aston Martin, Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari and Rolls Royce. The VRT platform has recorded more than 9,000 impressions of these vehicles across the 3 different locations where this technology has been installed – London, Newcastle and Manchester.

And 24% of these makes were detected in Manchester!

Two key questions arise. First, why is the VRT platform identifying a significant number of posh cars in Manchester? and second, who could these drivers be?

It is safe to say that a high proportion of high net worth individuals are premiership footballers that live in the affluent Southern Manchester suburbs of places like Alderley Edge and Wilmslow. On the way to either the Etihad stadium or Old Trafford they will pass by Ocean’s VRT enabled digital screen located strategically on Princess Road.

This is an unmissable opportunity for jewellery, watches, luxury real estate, financial or luxury holidays brands to talk directly to individuals whose wallet can afford high class vehicles and therefore high value products/services.

With VRT, planners can even be more specific about the audience they want to target by selecting a very exclusive make & model like Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. From the 15 sold in Europe, one was detected by VRT in Manchester. Who might be this driver? According to Mirror magazine, Manchester City Yaya Toure added “£300,000 Rolls Royce to his super star collection” – a pretty safe bet, I’d guess.

Planners and marketers main objective is to cut through the advertising noise and create campaigns that truly engage and inspire consumers. And Vehicle Recognition Technology and its planning tool have a key role to play.