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This campaign was a brand building campaign for Lyko with the objective to increase brand awareness and consideration. The colorful creative was produced by Tre Kronor SE with the aim to attract a wider audience.

the campaign

The test is conducted through online quesionnaires, each time collecting data from 1500 + respondents in the age group 18-79. Through this research we tracked how many who visited a waiting area with Hvilepuls screens, how many observed the campiagn, and if they understood tha messaging in the campaign.   

The outcomes below shows the average of the campaigns tested. The advertisers consisted of six medical companies, one health and beauty brand, one pharmacy, one FMCG brand and two NGOs.

hvilePuls (2)


  • Over 1 million people visit a Doctor’s office within your network each month.
  • An average of 23% of the respondents reports to have observed each campaign
  • An average of 61% reports to have understood the messaging of the campaign they observed.
  • 70% believes Hvilepuls to be more believable than other media channels.
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May 7, 2024


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