Reach your target audience with highway advertising


Reaching mass audiences? Use highway advertising!

The number of passenger cars in the Netherlands has increased significantly in recent years and will continue to do so in the future. Whether you are driving 100 km/h or stuck in traffic jams, you cannot avoid our advertising masts. Ocean Outdoor gives you the unique opportunity to advertise with creative content, large-scale digital or classic advertising along the Netherlands’ busiest motorways. With this, you are guaranteed to reach an audience of millions every week with your ad!

By advertising in an eye-catching way, you can draw attention to your message and become top-of-mind with the potential target group. Every day, 4 million people drive during the morning and evening rush hours. A guaranteed maximum contact opportunity!

Highway advertising gives you a visible presence

When you want to communicate an image-oriented message or increase brand awareness, our advertising masts are most efficient. Motorists can see your message several times a day along the busiest junctions in the Netherlands. With motorway advertising, you will see your advertisement on an average 100-180 m2 mast, impossible for motorists to miss!

There are several possibilities when we talk about motorway advertising. Your ad can be placed on a classic mast (cloth) or on a digital mast.

For classic locations, your message will be printed on a canvas via Ocean. You can have this used more often at several classic locations throughout the year, for example.

Standing out on a classic advertising mast

Visibility of at least 2 consecutive weeks at specific locations.

Your airtime is not shared with other advertisers.

A banner is printed via Ocean, which can be used again later in the year or ‘hopped’ to other locations throughout the Netherlands.

With our digital masts, there are plenty of possibilities and you can change your message at any time. Whether you want a display based on the weather or a live link with your Instagram feed, everything is possible.


Stand out on a digital advertising mast

Advertising for one day, a few days or a week? Anything is possible on our digital advertising masts!

Your message is displayed once every 24 seconds in a loop of up to 4 advertisers.

Make your ad stand out on the advertising masts by using light animation or responding to current events. Digital ads can be changed at any time of the day. 

Do you want to reach your target audience?

The cost of highway advertising depends entirely on the duration of the campaign, location deployment and whether you prefer classic, digital or a mix. We work with a clear and transparent rate structure. Every location has a CPM. CPM stands for Cost-Per-Mile, the amount you pay per 1,000 contacts.

To arrive at a transparent price, we multiply the basic CPM by several variables:


Also known as the screen reach.


This is a choice you can make based on target audience.

Walk length/Passage time

Where we take into account the walk time versus pass time. This means that every passer-by is in a position to see the full loop as they pass by our screens.

Market index

The market index is variable and depends on current events and historical data.

This formula allows us to calculate the campaign price, campaign reach and campaign CPM. Need advice? Our account managers always work with you to find the best suited solution.

Contact us at [email protected] and request a no-obligation quote.

Our advertising masts

With over 152 classic and 196 digital screens, we fill the entire Netherlands with Ocean advertising masts, making your ad shine!

Would you like to see all our Ocean locations (along the motorway, digital or classic and city screens)? Then click here.

Looking for the delivery specifications of our digital and classic masts? You can find them here.

Or take a look at the 2024 rate card.

Our creative team is ready for you

Don’t have an advertising agency, but would like to advertise on our masts? Or do you need help with the translation of your images? Our creative team of designers are always ready to get the best out of your campaign!

They can produce a full campaign spot or translate existing material into any kind of content on our screens. Depending on your requirements, production costs vary, but €600 will go a long way! Translating or converting existing material can be done for as little as €37.50 per location.


Ready to take your campaign to the next level?

Ocean Networks

The location is available as part of a network, please see below for details.

Please contact us on [email protected] to find out more.