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An unmissable full motion opportunity in an exciting, ever-growing city.

Edinburgh is a thriving city at the heart of Scotland, offering a great opportunity for brands to showcase their products to a wide, varied audience. Within the St James Quarter we now offer 28 D6 full motion screens and later in the year we’ll welcome 2 large format full motion screens within the shopping centre too.

This new shopping and eating quarter is a fantastic location which is changing, growing and gaining popularity and notability at pace. Within proximity to the train station and the main high shopping, St James Quarter is on track to become the central hub of the city. The location covers 21% of Edinburgh’s retail offering.

The location can expect 150,000 impacts per screen per fortnight* and is well worth the investment, with our data telling us that full motion is 2.5 times more impactful than equivalent static sites. It’s time to showcase your brand to the people of Edinburgh.

*data based on Route data for similar screens of ours in Scotland so are a reliable reading. We will update this figure once we have actual data from Route.


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*Sources: Route, DfT, CACI

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