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East Face @ Westfield London

Giant vinyl surrounds the largest digital advertising screen in London

Located at the external wall of London’s premium shopping centre, Westfield London, this unique hybrid location comprises a large digital screen surrounded by a vinyl banner, and offers impressive stand-out and long sight lines for any brand. It faces both Central London and Westfield bound traffic along the West Cross Route from the A40.


West Cross Route Digi-Banner, Westfield London, London, W12 7GD Download Map

Did you know?

The second largest outdoor digital advertising screen in the country after Ocean’s Liverpool Media Wall.

Audience Demographics
  • Male / Female

    54% / 46%



  • AB


  • ABC1


Audience Age Ranges
  • 16-24


  • 25-34


  • 35-44


  • 45-54


  • 55+


Top CACI Acorn Groups
  • City Sophisticates

    Index 1140 vs. UK average
  • Career Climbers

    Index 169 vs. UK average
  • Lavish Lifestyles

    Index 234 vs. UK average
  1. Emotional Index of 150 (versus an average for standard large formats from Neuroscience: The Science Behind the Art of Outdoor, 2013)

  2. Delivers nearly ¾ million adult impacts

  3. 60% of adult impacts are ABC1, indexing at 118 versus the UK average

  4. Nearly 1/3 of all impacts are AB Adults, which indexes at 135

  5. Strong conversion for AB Women Index 126

  6. Strong Conversion for young Women index 177

  7. Media consumption; light TV, Heavy Internet, Heavy Vogue readers indexing at 339

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Sources: Route, DfT, CACI

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