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Creative Techniques Category Winners

3rd Place


“Fly with Eurostar” by Liveposter

Targeted at passengers on their way to London Heathrow, this campaign is the first to target travellers by mindset as they struggle through the inevitable jams, roadworks and other stressful road and weather conditions to reach the check in gate. Liveposter’s platform constantly monitors the state of the roads and other factors to map a stress zone for drivers within the vicinity of the Two Towers West. The creative dispels the myth that flying between London and Paris is faster.

The judges said: "This plane versus train campaign is spot on. Really smart, targeting people by mindset by serving adverts about the problems they face. In this instance, increasing their paranoia has got merit!"

2nd Place

London Cycling

“Help make London’s roads safer” by Saatchi & Saatchi

The London Cycling campaign strives for a city that encourages Londoners to cycle. More than 3,000 cyclists however were seriously injured or killed on the roads in 2014. This campaign uses out of home sites in danger spots to actively reduce cycling accidents.

Using traffic facing sites, recognition cameras pick out cyclists, using augmented reality to overlay highly visible, light hearted images, (such as a chicken) onto the rider, thus making them a lot more visible to the drivers around them.

The judges said: "This is a very simple device to help save lives. The campaign is super targeted to accident black spots and its use of augmented reality in a light hearted way is bang on for the medium."

1st Place


“Smarter Cinema” by Talon, MG OMD & Grand Visual

The cinema chain combines micro level audience data and digital out of home technology to serve hyper local cinema adverts about ticket availability directly to digital screens within the vicinity of an Odeon. Content is updated to deliver the most effective information in real time, serving geo targeted mobile adverts to amplify the messages.

The judges said: "Brutally normal, but brilliant all the same. It makes a lot of sense, using smart real-time based solutions to resolve a local business problem. The novelty factor is that it hasn’t been done before."

Interactive Category Winners

3rd Place


“MINI Modesty” by iris Worldwide

MINI owners are without doubt passionate car owners. This campaign unlocks that pride, using digital out of home to put their MINI in the limelight. Data stored on owners’ MINI key fobs is translated onto DOOH screens, allowing the exact colour and model to hog the screen until another MINI owner comes along and steals the limelight. MINI Modesty challenges owners to accumulate as much screen time as they can to win prizes and upgrades.

The judges said: "The use of key fob data defines 100% of target audience. We like the easy participation, the insight led competitive idea and the excellent 360 degree integration."

2nd Place


“Play with Pooch” by Kinetic & MediaCom

Abandoned dogs in need of a home star in this interactive campaign which invites people to interact with one of them live via their phones or iPads. Users can play with the dogs via the big screens, talk to them through their phone and throw them rewards. At the end of the session, the dogs’ backstories are told and people can register to either adopt a dog or donate to the charity which rescues them.

The judges said: "Such an engaging campaign and we like the use of live streaming. The fulfilment mechanism really delivers."

1st Place

NHS Blood and Transplant

“The Virtual Blood Donation” by 23red

Designed to address a drop in the number of blood donors, this virtual donation campaign shows the transformational effect of giving blood. Passers-by are asked to use their mobile to connect to a microsite and "upload" a virtual donation which automatically fills a bag on the large digital screen. As more blood flows, a patient featured on the screen requiring the donation grows healthier, physically demonstrating the difference giving blood makes.

The judges said: "The use of an augmented reality app via the phone for donation is superb. The creative mechanism of filling up the bag on the big outdoor screen is simple and powerful."

The Judging Day

24th September 2015

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