Ocean’s footprint across the key cities of the UK, allows us to create environments for wildlife to flourish.

Ocean are creating safe havens for species that can act as stepping stones for both flora and fauna across our cities.

We have identified 18 existing advertising locations across the UK that we are in the process of returning to nature. Creating habitats of native species to encourage the return of wildlife and act as educational focus points for schools in the area.

Our Dutch colleagues are introducing Bee and Butterfly Hotels. These Hotels can be constructed around the superstructure of Ocean’s existing large format advertising displays that have the land capacity to support the planting of wild-flowers to feed and sustain the bees and butterflies.

Working with the Wildlife Trusts to establish land management principles.

As part of our response to this crisis we are managing our sites land so that they positively contribute to biodiversity, particularly for pollinators

Such transformative action across the whole Ocean network is necessary to create ‘more, bigger, better and joined up’ habitats and ‘Making Space for Nature’.

Management Plan

From Autumn 2021

  • Early August cut/collect after which yellow rattle sown immediately across “meadows” areas on all plots.
  • Plots where we know no previous wildflower sowing some mix spread with the yellow rattle. Focus on perennials with small amount annual for immediate visual.
  • Shaded sessions – cut/collect in Autumn and sowing of woodland edge mix.

Ocean Networks

The location is available as part of a network, please see below for details.

Please contact us on [email protected] to find out more.